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The Hankering By Akapo Ifedayo


The Hankering By Akapo Ifedayo

We long for a place of ours
A place without transgressors
A place of admiration
Admiration of prestige of boom
Boom which makes life living

A place where noises becomes voices
A place resting squarely on the shoulders of the youth
Youths that can live their dreams
Dreams of breakthrough
Youths that glory in the nations strength

A place never to use youths as tools
Tools of loot
Loot which ushers destruction
Destruction known to glory in losses
Losses of lives and sanity

Let’s parry our punches therefore
For this strength has been made weakness
And this incapacitation thus needs
People who see the promise of the future
And make deliberate effort to bring the promised land
Written by Akapo Ifedayo Ayobami

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